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Quick gift option: Block Dock + Nellie's Soap

Quick gift option: Block Dock + Nellie's Soap

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I've handpicked some favourite soaps from Nellie's range to make a great gift set that's easy as pie for you this Kiwi Christmas*. 

Curate your own sets by picking a colour for your Block Dock and the bar you like best and I'll box them together with a cotton string bow and send them your way! 

Choose from the table below and write your preferred combo in the notes for your order. I only have 3 of each soap so be in quick. If I'm out of your choices I'll subsitute with another (so feel free to pick a couple of options and note them).

All of these Nellie's Soaps are palm oil free. 

  • Black
  • White
  • Silver
  • Teal
  • Ironsand
  • Mistletoe
  • Purple
  • Black Raspberry and Vanilla
  • Victorian Rose
  • Kowhai Flower
  • Cafe Mocha
  • Vanilla and Cocoa
  • Koru and Mamaku 
  • Ocean Mermaid

*Australians, you are welcome to order (of course) but the guaranteed shipping by Christmas date has now passed so it likely won't get there in time.

  • How to Get the Best From Your Block Dock & Bars (DEFO read)

    We are committed to long life, low waste solutions. The Block Dock Vertical Soap Dish as an evergreen solution made in 304 stainless steel or in powdercoated aluminium (depending which one you choose). It's designed for bathroom conditions and will stay in tip top condition if you wipe it clean from time to time (by finger or cloth, it's your choice) and dry it off completely on occasion.

    The stainless steel Block Docks are dishwasher safe (sans suction cup). Better to keep the Aluminium out of the dishwasher though - it's not designed for in there. Both Block Docks are 100% recyclable at end of life, though not the suction cup sadly.  

    The Suction Cup

    While the Block Dock can stand upright on any flat surface, it does its best work when side mounted on non-textured walls with its suction cup. Ready to attach the Block Dock? You need to know this:

    It WILL adhere to glass, acrylic, vitreous china, steel, most smooth tiles, and mirror.

    It will NOT adhere to textured tiles, paint etc because the suction cup cannot form the vacuum it needs to work. If your glass has been coated with water stain protectant, it's not likely to suction to that either.

    Each Block Dock is shipped with one 52mm pvc suction cup. Wipe the surface you intend to adhere the Block Dock to*. Wet the back and press hard where you want it. When you want to change the location just lift the small tag and the suction will break. 

    *For some surfaces you'll be best to use isopropyl alcohol on the wall surface and the back of the suction cup. Pop the suction cup up by itself and leave it overnight. Then slot the Block Dock onto it the next day through the keyhole. After you know it will stay, add your bar and you're away laughing. 

    If your surface won't suction (e.g. textured tiles, paint) then try a 3M wet/dry strip available at Storage Box or a hardware store, or if your surface allows it, a suitably sized flat head screw.  The surface needs to be flat/non-textured or the suction cup won't be able to form the vacuum it needs to adhere and stay strong. The most recently made Block Docks have some additional multipurpose holes in the back - for screws, for threading a cable tie, stainless wire, ribbon or whatever you have through so you can tie it to your shower rail or some other fixture in the event the suction cup just won't work for you. I've also had success hanging it from the hook on my shower curtain!

    To remove the suction cup just lift the small tag on the edge to break the vacuum.

    If you have a Shower Dome, you'll want to give your bars some time outside the shower to harden. Constant moisture is an enemy of bars and the shower dome environment can be brutal. Your Block Docks will adhere to the outside of your shower though, and I'd recommend you grab an extra suction cup to put in your external storage location and just move the Block Dock and bar to that place now and again to give your bar a chance to resolidify.

    Block Dock Placement

    Water is the mortal enemy of soap. So, to make sure your bar lasts and lasts, pick a location to suction your Block Dock which is outside the direct water spray. For example, above and to the side of the shower head - but still reachable. Where you can, wet yourself then use your dry bar straight from the Block Dock. It doesn't need extra time under water. Pop it back in your Dock to drain.

    In basins and sinks find a spot inside the bowl at the back near the faucet but not in direct line of the water. This placement keeps your surfaces clear and makes washing your hands clean and simple.    

    We appreciate your efforts to reduce plastic waste and wish you happy times with your Block Dock and bars.


  • Shipping & Packaging

    Kia ora

    We have a few shipping options for you to choose from at checkout and have kept prices as low as possible. We ship throughout NZ and Australia, and to some international destinations on request. 

    These are the prices for everyday-sized orders:

    Within New Zealand Courier Post Tracked - Urban $5.00 

    Within New Zealand Courier Post Tracked - Rural Delivery $8.90

    We offer free New Zealand shipping for orders $120 and over

    In New Zealand deliveries are made within a few days of your order.

    To Australia (NZ Post International Air Small Parcel Not Tracked) $10.00

    To Australia (NZ Post Courier Tracked) $30.00

    We offer free Australian shipping for orders $150 and over


    Deliveries to Australia can take around 10 working days or so (longer at peak times). Sometimes parcels are inexplicably held by your local AusPost agency, so it pays to check there if you are waiting a longer than anticipated time. Because International Air Small Parcels are not tracked, you'll only get a dispatched notification and not further delivery details. There's a bit of patience needed all round, especially in the holiday season.

    Cut off dates for Christmas are 30 November to Australia and 18 December for NZ, but sooner rather than later is better.

    USA, Canada, UK, France (NZ Post International Air Small Parcel Not Tracked, order value up to $250NZD, sent at buyer's risk and local customs fees if any are buyer's responsibility) $30.00

    USA, Canada, UK, France (NZ Post Courier Tracked, order value up to $250NZD, sent at buyer's risk and local customs fees if any are buyer's responsibility) $65.00


    If you have a greater than household sized order planned or for some reason you need a different arrangement contact me  before placing your order. 

    If you are from beyond the identified shores, email me and I'll will work out the price for your destination if it's possible.


    Like the product, its packaging is simple and sensible.

    After the Stainless Steel Block Docks arrive South from our New Zealand manufacturer I engage the services of the crew at Southland disAbility Enterprises to make their final preparations for sale. The team do a great job, and I really love being able to support them in my own small way. Very occasionally something might go awry. In that instance just drop me a note and I'll sort it. Each Stainless Steel Block Dock gets matched with a suction cup, wrapped in paper and packed in an embossed kraft box (no printing).

    Aluminium Block Docks (the coloured ones) come in the box with a suction cup, wrapped in tissue until Christmas and after that they'll be packed nude. The wrapping has no real duty since they have a very hard-wearing surface and won't scratch each other if there's two in a box. In the interests of not making waste (even if actually biodegradable), I'll be ditching the individual wrap for these ones. If it honestly matters to you then drop me a note in your order and I'll wrap it before popping in the box. For me, nude is the new black wherever it can be!

    The Block Dock box is designed to cope with some moisture so you can use it as storage for quick trips if you like (bearing in mind it won't stand up to those rigours forever).

    Where I can I'll usually fit two Block Docks in one box but if you particularly want one per box please let me know in your order or by email. Through November - December I'll automatically do one per box (except for the Duos). So you can add your gift tag and your wrapping is done!

    The Block Dock box(es) then go in a certified home compostable trackpak sized to suit. Our labels aren't yet compostable unfortunately - so they need to be cut from the trackpak before composting it. 

    Only your products will be in your shipment. All other information is on the website and you are welcome to email us with questions and feedback. Your order will be confirmed by email and its shipping info will be notified (tracked in NZ but not in standard shipping for Australia). 

    Our supporting information is easily accessed online so please check it out - before and again after you buy if you need to.

    Why You Should Use Block Docks & Bars [5 Reasons]

    How to Get the Best From Your Block Dock & Bars

    How to use a Shampoo Bar

    Please message or email us with feedback or questions. All is welcomed.

    Thank you for using bars and ordrering Block Docks to store them. I'd love to see your review on our website and a pic of your Block Dock on location. Please send one here when you're ready.

    Be well, 







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Customer Reviews

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176 reviews
Block docks

I bought two of these on recommendation from a friend and find they are great. Keep your soap nice & dry and out of the way

Small Steps

My daughter and I are taking small steps to reduce our waste and have been trying shampoo blocks. We both had trouble with the mush and sogginess of using our existing shower storage. Block Docks have changed that, we love the difference they are making. We also travel a lot and the super travel set was a good fit. There is also enough room in the tin to add extra items when we travel which is great. Think we will be ordering more block docks in future as we try to convert the men in our lives.

What a great little product!

It’s a good design, I’m using shampoo and conditioner bars most days and needed extra room for all the bars! This is perfect! The suction cup is a strong little sucker and hasn’t failed yet!!

Pleasantly surprised!

I was a bit unsure about whether or not these soap holders would be worth the money but thought I'd give it a try. I was super happy with the first one and have since bought 2 more! They are so good at keeping bars from going gross and soggy (which means they last soooo much longer!), plus they look pretty cute on the shower wall.

Excellent Product

Super stoked with our block docks over here on the other side of the ditch. Pure awesome Kiwi Genius!