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Block Dock soap dishes last a lifetime. Shampoo Bars last longer than bottles. Depending on the brand and the age of the bar, this can be 3x or more. Stored in a Block Dock your bars will last as long as they possibly can. For the first time you'll want - and be able - to use them right to the very end! We want you to switch to bars for everything you possibly can because its all round better for our planet. To help you along we're offering savings with Block Dock + Bar Bundles and Multiples. Your value for money will be even better.  

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Block Dock User Reviews

155 reviews
Great product

I'm really pleased with my Block Dock. It attaches easily to my shower and works perfectly to keep my body wash bar in good condition. The design allows the bar to 'dry" properly between uses so I'm not wasting product. No more plastic bottles of body wash. I also bought socks for my daughters to include in their Christmas presents they are both aiming for zero plastic and I know will be very happy with the Block Dock. Love the fact its locally made keep up the good work.

Love it!

Saw the Block Dock in YH&G mag and thought it was a great idea - loved the fact it was locally made. Am about to buy another for Xmas gift!

Neat and tidy

Now that we are using shampoo bars and soap bars only, we don’t need that clunky shower caddy!
The block dock delivers as promised - it looks good, hardly takes up any space, keeps the shampoo/soap bars from washing away quickly, and stays clean. Plus, you’ve gotta love it when you position a suction cup and it stays in place!
I bought 5 - for my shampoo and conditioner, my partner’s shampoo, our face soap, and our body soap.
Highly recommend.

Sibling peace

No more squabbles over the state of the soap or having to share.

Space Saver

I really like my new block docks in the shower. They keep my soaps tidy and dry. I will be ordering more for my second bathroom.