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Stellar soap storage lives here.

In bathroom-suited 304 matt stainless steel the Block Dock comes in wide and slim fitting. Lighter Block Docks for home and travel, the powdercoated aluminium options come in a wide range of colours, all in wide fitting. All slim bars store happily in wide Block Docks (since all wide bars eventually become slim as you use them!). The Block Dock is a buy once, use forever soap storage solution. Bars dry fast and last longer, saving $$ for you. They save bathroom cleaning time too, and of course a mountain of plastic waste over your lifetime! 

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Block Dock User Reviews

229 reviews
Holder is great but the suction cup not so much

Good stars for the aluminium body but the suction cup sucks. Or rather it doesn’t suck for much or long so everything falls off the wall with 12 hours or so. No stars for that and it really needs an upgrade I think.

I absolutely love my 3 Block Docks!
Kitchen, 2 in the Shower and 1 in the Bathroom sink.
So clean, soap in one shampoo bar in other, they are dry and lasting for ages and ages and ages!,
Brilliant product I know what I will be buying for presents!
I have one in the kitchen sink for my hands, the sink is rarely that full and bench is clear of plastic hand wash container.

Great product

Save the planet - use bars instead of bottles and use the dock to get the most out of your bars - well done - great product!!

Great holder

Was a bit hesitant about the price but I’m saving so much soap that it’s completely worth it.

Simple and effective

Easy to use, easy to install. Such a great idea - I'm thinking of getting extras to give as gifts!