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Stellar soap storage lives here.

In bathroom-suited 304 matt stainless steel the Block Dock comes in wide and slim fitting. Lighter Block Docks for home and travel, the powdercoated aluminium options come in a wide range of colours, all in wide fitting. All slim bars store happily in wide Block Docks (since all wide bars eventually become slim as you use them!). The Block Dock is a buy once, use forever soap storage solution. Bars dry fast and last longer, saving $$ for you. They save bathroom cleaning time too, and of course a mountain of plastic waste over your lifetime! 

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Block Dock User Reviews

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Back to basics with this great product

Making the change back to soap bars is made super easy and stylish with these. I bought one and loved it so much I bought 4 more. They are now in each bathroom and I have one for soap and another for shampoo bars in the showers. They look great and the teal adds a splash of colour in my neutral bathroom. Love these, use these, buy these! Gave one to my brother visiting from Canada, so maybe he'll spread the word there too!

Work nicely

Brilliant simple but well thought out design - so nice not having mushy bars anymore! They haven’t budged from where I originally stuck them, and clean up easily. I got the stainless steel ones and they have a quality feel to them. I will definitely be getting more

So Clever

These are great little things - I bought 2 for myself a few months ago and have now got another one as a gift for a friend.
Such a good way of cutting down on plastics. It's working well in my household and every little bit helps!

Love them

I bought this set to kit out my house and gave a couple to my sister as a gift. They’ve been just great at home, functional and stylish. No more plastic bottles for me!!!
My sister just told me her house sitter was asking about them too!

Love it!

What a cool wee gadget! Looks good, holds my soap well, wish I'd heard of it sooner! Thank you