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Nellie's Soaps Argan and Horsetail Shampoo Bar

Nellie's Soaps Argan and Horsetail Shampoo Bar


Nellie’s Soaps

Product name

Argan and Horsetail Shampoo Bar

Product purpose



Saponified oils of canola,coconut, argan, castor and sunflower, shea butter, horsetail extract, Rosemary essential oil



Performance reflections

This is a new bar by Nelly and I’m one of the first to try it. From the first use to nearly finished, I love it. Its disc shape is easy to handle, the colour is lovely and when I close my eyes using it I feel transplanted to a mini bush walk! It lathers very well and doesn’t leave my hair squeaky or gluggy, just soft and well behaved. I feel like goldilocks eating the ‘just right’ porridge. For its price point this has to be the find of the year!

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Product retail price

$8 NZD

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Advice for users

Try it! Horsetail is not actual horse tail but a fern. Blended with rosemary essential oil the two ingredients give an outdoorsy aroma which makes a nice change to the sweeter bars. It stores well in the wide Block Docks – as it slims down, I place it with the top of the bar to the back of the Dock and the bottom of the bar to the front. This bar dries super fast and is lasting very well.  

Reviewer name, location

Clare, Riverton

Summary of characteristics of reviewer: gender, generation, hair type/skin type, other pertinent factors

Female, Gen X, short fine hair


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Block Dock User Reviews

205 reviews
Great idea that works, I'll be getting more!

I tested out the Block Dock a couple of months ago and enjoyed it so much I recently purchased 2 more as my move to being plastic free continues. I think they're great! Easy to use, and fit the bars I need them to (including a fat round soap). I'll be buying more in the future.


I love my block docks - perfectly fits my soaps and they are no longer soggy! Will be ordering more!

Groovy wee tin!

I’m glad I popped this in my order as it’s a great wee tin I have been using for my lunches. :)

Great idea and works well

My soap and shampoo are away from direct water and this product is a real gem. My soaps are lasting longer as they dry between uses. No more mushy soap.
Thank you for making this amazing but simple soap storer.

So handy!

Love the teal colour, it looks fantastic in my shower! I will definetly be buying more in the future. find the perfect shampoo bar for my dry and porous hair...