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Every bar stored in the Block Dock vertical soap dish and shampoo bar holder will dry faster and last longer. No mush

With the Block Dock it's easy to ditch plastic bottles and make the switch to solid bars.

Your bars deserve better than a soggy demise! With the Block Dock you will make less waste, have less mess, get more value for money from every bar. Mushy soaps, scummy dishes, spills and bottle clutter are all gone for good. Get the bonus of time since there's less bathroom cleaning! And think of the plastic waste not created.

The Block Dock fits all shapes, sizes and brands of bars, and bars for every purpose. You buy it once and use it forever! Now everyone can have their own bars - for everything! Stellar bar storage lives here.


"Sleek and modern. I bought some of the matt white block docks for in our white tiled shower and our hand basins. We love them, the soap dries between uses and they also make using a bar soap easy without the mess, and they blend in. LOVE THEM!"

Tracey, Whangarei

Give up the plastic bottles

Nearly everything you use now comes in a bar! And storage is so much better in a Block Dock. A zero waste bathroom is possible

Spend less time cleaning

Wall mounted by suction, Block Docks dispatch bottle clutter, end spillage and keep your surfaces clear. Clean less often and quicker 

Created in New Zealand

Born in Riverton and made in Otago, the Block Dock is a Kiwi innovation. Centuries after soap's invention storage has been turned on its head!

Suits bathroom conditions

Everlasting in powdercoated Aluminium or in 304 Stainless Steel, hardworking, hardwearing and easy to clean while you shower

"Great for travelling and for home. I travel most weeks for work and often end up with wet, slimey shampoo / conditioner bars. I’ve been using the block dock travel set for two weeks now & it’s fab! The docks mean my bars dry out, the teal colour & empty tin help me remember to pack them again (previously I have left bars behind). When I did have to pack a still damp bar the cloth in the tin prevented mush."

Jo, Blenheim


Want to travel with your Block Docks and bars? The SuperTin is made exactly for this.

It fits two Block Docks and two bars - or several pieces of bars that you've made just the right size for your various needs and your journey. You'll never have to travel with liquids again. Carry-on only, here we come! Buy two Block Docks and your SuperTin gets a bit cheaper. Pick up the SuperTin Travel Set and you are...well...set!

The SuperTin is so named because it's also great as a BYOContainer for the supermarket, refill store, farmers' market or local takeaway. Dry goods are safe as houses, wet goods will need a SuperTin owner who can keep it right way up!  100% liquid contents? Use your BYO Bottle. There's no leakproof seal in the SuperTin, but the lid clips on tight at both sides. When your Block Docks and bars go in they'll already be largely dry - because the Block Dock always does its job super quick! Bonus feature = the branding is on the bottom, so you'll rarely see it! Stainless always looks best in the nuddy, don't you think? Check out the SuperTin SixPack if you're already in love.

"Totally works. These work really well no matter the size of the soap! They look a lot better too than traditional soap holders. And no slimy soap!"

Kim, Lower Hutt

Fits all shapes and sizes

Fits all shapes and sizes

The Block Dock is perfect for all brands of bars. Whether your bar is Lux, Luxe or in between it will store better and last longer in this stellar solution

A gift that keeps giving, for good

A gift that keeps giving, for good

A stylish, useful, earth-savvy gift to yourself or for others, for an occasion or 'just because'.  Gift wrapping available. Corporate options too

Busy? Buy an 8 pack and be DONE

Busy? Buy an 8 pack and be DONE

Your money won’t be turning to mush when you store every bar in its own Block Dock. Get sorted once and for all with our specials on multiples

Make your start, try a shampoo bar

Make your start, try a shampoo bar

There will be more plastic than fish in the oceans by 2050 if we don't reduce consumption. Make your switch - get a Dock and bars bundle

The Next Revolution in our Eco-Evolution : Using the Block Dock and Bars

We take reusable bags for our shopping. We keep our own cup for coffee. We BYO water bottle, container and cutlery. What's next?... It's time to give up plastic bottles for all that we reasonably can (quite a lot). The best solution to our plastic pollution problem is to stop creation of more. How we each spend our money really does matter because fewer bottle buyers will  lessen production. 

The only way to be sure plastic won't reach our wildlife, landfills and beaches is for it never to have existed at all.

"Love them!! I bought the ‘raise all your bars’ set a couple of months ago and they are amazing. I was keeping my shampoo, conditioner and face wash in the containers recommended by the same brand but they were very mushy. The block dock keeps them hard and dry, they’re on the wall inside the shower but out of the water stream. My face cream was so soft, I could scrape it out of the the Block Dock it was back to new. I also use them for our soap inside the sink in the laundry and bathroom and I love that there isn’t liquid soap all over the counter now, so much easier for my kids to use too."

Kat,  New South Wales

Unsure where to start on your journey to bars? We can help

Tips to Choose, Use & Store Bars

Tips to Choose, Use & Store Bars

Favourite Kiwi Bar Makers

Favourite Kiwi Bar Makers

Bars tested by us to help you decide

Bars tested by us to help you decide

How to use a Shampoo Bar

How to use a Shampoo Bar

Check out these Block Docks on good could they look at your place?

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Block Dock User Reviews

176 reviews
Block docks

I bought two of these on recommendation from a friend and find they are great. Keep your soap nice & dry and out of the way

Small Steps

My daughter and I are taking small steps to reduce our waste and have been trying shampoo blocks. We both had trouble with the mush and sogginess of using our existing shower storage. Block Docks have changed that, we love the difference they are making. We also travel a lot and the super travel set was a good fit. There is also enough room in the tin to add extra items when we travel which is great. Think we will be ordering more block docks in future as we try to convert the men in our lives.

What a great little product!

It’s a good design, I’m using shampoo and conditioner bars most days and needed extra room for all the bars! This is perfect! The suction cup is a strong little sucker and hasn’t failed yet!!

Pleasantly surprised!

I was a bit unsure about whether or not these soap holders would be worth the money but thought I'd give it a try. I was super happy with the first one and have since bought 2 more! They are so good at keeping bars from going gross and soggy (which means they last soooo much longer!), plus they look pretty cute on the shower wall.

Excellent Product

Super stoked with our block docks over here on the other side of the ditch. Pure awesome Kiwi Genius!